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EatCreatures is an online Marketplace where you can buy 2d royalty free game art, cartoon characters, backgrounds to create a great looking video game faster than ever. We offer the opportunity to buy high quality art immediately, at low prices, to speed up you game development process dramatically.

Create your own bundle

Create your own Bundle

2 Boxes will give you 15% off, 3-5 will give you 20% off, 6-9 you get 30% and 10+ you get 40%. The link will be delivered to your mail within 24h. (NOTE: "Create your own Bundle" payment is only possible in Euro(€) currency.) NEW! Possible payment via BITCOIN (contact us and will send you the mail with code) Please note that it takes minimum of 1h to verify the bitcoin funds!

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Why EatCreatures?

EatCreatures - Royalty free art, high quality Art in secods, Listen

Coming up next

1. RPG Cartoon Characters – Ranged only
2. Castle + Bg2 builder finalizing and updating
3. Spells FX – shashes FX
4. Dragons

Working on completing BG builder 2(delay-future environments depends on various new monsters, needs to come out side-by-side…); same go’s for Castles/strongholds..

Influence what products will be next by submitting your ideas.

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Suggest a Box
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