How much?

Custom character design is ranging from $300 to $2000+* including tax, pricing may vary from mobile game characters, mascots, prints to ebook publications, large media tv shows, toy design, marketing videos. etc…

How long will it take?

Each project is unique. Time will depend on the complexity of the job, the client’s budget, my availability, the quality and speed of the feedback from the client, the number of revisions, usually a character will take 3-4 days to make…

If you want to ensure my total availability, I highly recommend to contact me at least 4 days before the deadline. I usually don’t accept orders with less than 4 days to the deadline, and if I do, my fees are higher.


I offer a service of custom character design and guarantee full satisfaction. Revisions will be the necessary in order to achieve the desired result.

I’ll do the work in stages – briefing, drawing sketches/concepts and final design – and I’ll make all the revisions you need, but when the sketch concept is approved, I can’t turn back again. If this happens, we would have to renegotiate the budget.

How does it works?

The design process is flexible and open to the client’s participation:

  1. Fill out the quote or send me the brief, maybe I will ask additional questions if needed and then we can agree on the service terms.
  2. The client sends a down payment of 50%.
  3. Sketches/Concept (Stage 1)
  4. Finalizing design. (Stage 2)
  5. Final payment.
  6. Sending of the files.

What if I don´t like your design?

If I can’t deliver the desired design, I will charge just for the work you approved, so until you approve the preliminary sketch, you are free to ask for a full refund.

 Which formats?

Usually I just give the original file AI and PNG. Eventually any bitmap or vector format files will be available, which can be scaled to any size needed.

Who owns the copyright?

Copyright of the final work is yours upon receipt of final payment.

Anything I create that is not used in your final design belongs to me (Example: unapproved versions of designs).


Otherwise stated, I keep the right to display the outcome of any design order in my portfolio, blog or social profiles in order to promote my work.

If you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) signed by me, please contact me to discuss your needs as this certainly will increase the price of my services.

Payment methods?



My prices are fixed according to my demand.

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