Monster Cartoon RPG Characters 6

Price: $97.95


  1. Monster Cartoon RPG Characters 6 – 2d game art, royalty free
  2. Demons with swords and poisons, critters, demon Crossbow, demon warriors, flying eye-ball demon and big bad demon boss overlord
  3. fully customizable for your game, all limbs are in groups, change or add custom content, clothing, outfits or weapons etc…
  4. prepared to animate, limbs exported in *.png, all files grouped, named and categorized
  5. also included: Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC *.ai and also *.PSD files
  6. -Also take a look at Monster Box 1, Monster Box 2, Monster Box 3Monster Box 4, Monster Box 5Monster Special or Trilogy








    Monster Cartoon RPG Characters 6


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